What are your DREAMS for 2016?!

Posted on January 05 2016

One of my favorite pastimes - besides travel and reading - is dreaming about my plans for the future.  My future plans might be as simple as "what am I going to do for dinner tonight?" to "what are my five-year career goals?"  It doesn't matter how simple or complex, I always experience great joy in dreaming and planning.  And, I know I'm not alone.

Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling On Happiness, tells us that we experience much happiness in anticipation of future events. We not only experience joy in anticipating an already scheduled event, such as a vacation or celebration, but also in positively imagining what our future will be.

January is one my favorite months because it symbolizes a new beginning.  A NEW YEAR full of promise, opportunities and memories in the making.  Now is the perfect time to set your plans in motion!

Two years ago, I started a new tradition in our home to celebrate the New Year Holiday. Each of us secretly writes down his or her goals for the upcoming year and seals them in an envelope to be opened during the following New Year Holiday. 

The first year we did this, the assignment was simply to write down three goals on an index card with these objectives: TO BE, TO DO, TO HAVE.  The following January, we had a great laugh opening our envelopes and reading our goals aloud.  As you can imagine, some goals were not met, but some were! It didn't matter. We laughed at our failures and we laughed in hearing the simplicity and vagueness some of us used in describing our goals.  (There are always a few who don't want to commit).

Last year, I revised our goal sheet to include a few more details, such as the previous year's greatest memory or most important lesson learned.  I thought it would be fun to not only plan for the future, but also to ponder and relish the previous 12 months.  I found some examples online that I loved. 

Again, it was so much fun unveiling this year-old treasure. Though I didn't get 100% participation from all family members; this year, I'm making it a requirement. I've also - once again - improved our goal sheet even more.  Isn't that what entrepreneurs do? Continuous product improvement!

I encourage you to join our family in this fun New Year Activity.  To download a PDF of our goal sheet, simply click HERE.

Who knows?! A year from now, you may even bless me with the privilege of reading what you wrote! :)


Diana Peck

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